BECO´s mission statement.


BECO´s mission statement is aimed towards a high level of customer focus. This is done with consistent involvement of our employees and in compliance with social responsibility and values. Customer interests as well as careful and safe use of natural resources are focus of our actions and thinking.


Environmental protection is obligatory for everyone, BECO makes this clear with an environmental policy, which is confirmed by ISO 14001 auditing. Due to constant improvement as well as learning from mistakes, we work together towards a long-term zero-defect strategy. Constant and comprehensive training by our management system sustains high quality awareness.


We do not tolerate any form of forced labor, labor by minors under the age of 15, labor by detained persons and work in inhumane conditions. Furthermore, any kind of sexual harassment, physical or psychological constraints are not tolerated. Other offenses are not promoted or initiated too, such as blackmail, embezzlement or corruption. Employees are measured only by their work performance, regardless of their origin, race, gender, age or sexual orientation. 


We also engage our suppliers to comply with these principles.